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Guests this year

Ruggero Deodato Forget about The Blair Witch Project being the first found footage movie. That honour goes to the 1980 Italian shocker Cannibal Holocaust. A nihilistic and upsetting movie that suffered a torturous shoot, saw animals killed on camera and … Read more »


The gates of box office are finally about to open

Today at 3pm it’s finally time for the festival ticket office to open its gates! This means that you can buy tickets and retrieve your booked ones but also that LIFFF, the finest fest of the year is soon to … Read more »


Fantastic Film Forum 29-30/9

We are very happy to announce that Fantastic Film Forum is back again during this year’s edition of Lund International Fantastic Film Festival. Two days of exciting seminars, mingles and fantastic works in progress and a meeting place for international … Read more »


Sneak Peek of the Program

10 new films from this years line up! Read more »



Day 7 – Weirdness and Gala

Babadook Ever wonder what would happen if Leprechaun actually was a good film? You don’t need to wonder anymore because here is the absurd pixie film you’ve been longing for. Malin likes it. The Signal och Mélièsgala In case you … Read more »


Dag 6 – Sex and violence

As the master Clive Barker once put it: “Horror fiction is about the body in some way or other, and therefore it should be about sensuality and eroticism every bit as much as it’s about corruption.” Alleluia Destructivity inspired by … Read more »


Dag 5 – Bad times

What would genre film be without bad times? Amnesia Isolation to bad times to evil is a classic recipe for success. Makes me think of the modern classic Insomnia, which has shown empathicly that the norse senebility fits that kind … Read more »

Från Djupet av Mitt Hjärta

Dag 4 – … A swedish evening

Rarely does one get this excited about the promise of swedish genre film, but I’m getting good vibrations. Från djupet av mitt hjärta When I saw the preview/opening sequence for this film at an earlier LIFFF my heart saw a … Read more »


Dag 4 – A day of short films…

Cinéma fantastique invites us in to another world and let’s us share in a strange idea, and in that sense the genre short excels. This Sunday’s packages has 20 worlds to offer. Méliès d’argent The Silver-Méliés candidates represent the finest … Read more »


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